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10 May


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Is 3D Mammography the Next Revolutionary Medical Device?

May 10, 2017 | By | One Comment

3D MammogramIn 2013 approximately 232,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer and over 39,000 deaths were a result of breast cancer. Breast cancer treatment and prevention continues to be a hot topic and a priority in the medical industry. Cancer detection is also very important as the earlier we can detect the cancer and treat it the more likely the patient is to fully recover. A new revolutionary piece of equipment that is used to detect breast cancer is tomosynthesis (aka 3-D mammogrpahy) and allows the machine to move in an arc aound the breast and takes multiple X-rays as it curves around the breast. These X-rays are then computed together into a 3D image. Studies have revealed that tomosynthesis is much more effective in detecting cancer compared to a typical 2-D mammography. The cost effectiveness and the proficiency of tomosynthesis compared to other accurate imaging modalities such as an ultrasound and MRI have the advocates for this machinery to hope that one day this will become the number one instrument used in screening programs and will continue to increase cancer detection rates in women earlier.

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